Posit Source Technologies - We mobilize your business
Posit Source is a leading provider of mobility and social media solutions. Our solutions push the boundaries of popular smartphones (iPhone, Android) and new media (Facebook, Twitter) to explore novel ways of interacting with users and create unique value propositions for our customers. Our customers are start-ups that disrupt the markets dominated by big enterprises, with innovative new ways of working and by being nimble.
We understand the desperate rush to do your MVP and rush to market. We are the most agile company here who could speed up your development work and get you the first mover advantage
If we mention all the techie stuff we like, you will either have a nerdgasm or fall asleep. In short, Yes to Open Source technologies; Yes to HTML5, JavaScript, JSON, CSS, SASS, JQuery Mobile, NoSQL, MongoDB, node.js, Ruby, PHP/Python/Perl, scalable architecture, cloud.
We started this company to take the headache out of outsourcing. Needless to say that our deliverables are top quality and our clients can rely on us for their most critical needs